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Intercultural Dialogue Towards Reclaiming Public Space within Metropolitan Areas - Comparative Analysis for a Sustainable Development of Public Spaces

The joint project strives for finding prerequisites to a new theoretical conception of how to restrain and alleviate the segregation between the social groups in the public spaces that are obviously reflected on the urban tissue of the cities of Dortmund and Amman. It aims at producing development outcomes on different levels; first, on the educational level, where it will promote the quality of education through the intercultural dialog between the different partners based on joint students’ projects elaborated and surveyed by all groups of students from the two countries through exchange. Thus, this will be resulting in acquainting students with multicultural arenas and environments that endorse their future visions and careers. Second, on the community development level, where the project intends and strives for providing the cities and the concerned governmental organizations with practical and tangible strategies and action plans that stand for reclaiming the public space for the community and therewith, more socially inclusive communities and sustainable development of the countries. The project in this sense will transfer the higher educational concepts to get more integrated in the local market and the benefit of the economy.


The dialog within cooperation intended in this project will make use of the experiences of the developed countries like Germany as in knowledge transfer as much as building a comparative analysis where learning from each other’s pros and cons can be of mutual advantage to the development of all countries especially in the Middle Eastern countries represented in the cities to be studied.


First joint-student workshop in Amman, Jordan

Second joint-student workshop in Dortmund, Germany

“Third joint-student workshop in Amman, Jordan”

Fourth joint-student workshop in Dortmund, Germany

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Project Leader

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Christa Reicher

Fabio Bayro Kaiser M.A.


Project Editors

Claudia Becker

Malte Leschewitz



Fabio Bayro Kaiser M.A.



German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)


DAAD Program

Higher Education Dialogue with the Muslim World


Partner University

German Jordanian University (GJU)



Budget in total: ca. 240.000 Euro